Coat cover swirl marks & haziness?


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I want to ask how effect is Opti-Coat is in covering these swirl marks & haziness likely caused by the polishing stage.


I'm trying to get my WHITE car surface polished to perfection, but at this stage, it seem impossible with my current equipment and skill level.


I can get rid most of the very obvious swirls, but these really tiny swirls left over by the polishing seem very very difficult to get rid of. My understanding is that most people get rid of them via filling using glaze. And I know we shouldn't use fillings at all!


Because it's a white car, and I have never polished another car of another colour before, I don't know if the paint surface is "good" enough to apply the coat.


And if Opti-coat can also act as a bit of filling and make the car a bit more grosser, then I might just leave it there instead of paying a professional to finish the job.


Please advise! Thanks



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Opti coat is clear with no fillers, so it won't hide any swirls or micro marring, which is why they say to polish the car to it's best condition before you apply the coating.


What kind of car is it and what are you using to remove the swirls?


Thanks, that's what I heard from other people as well.


I am quite new in the detailing area, and have had trouble getting the paint to perfection. But after a bit more reading, I realise it's impossible to achieve that with my level of experiences and available equipment.


I'm working on my Hyundai i30 2009. Lots of minor swirls, but they are now easily removed. It's the "edges" that are difficult. Some deeper scratches (RIDS as Mike from Autogeek calls them) are impossible to remove without cutting into the coat too much. There are also tons of "tiny holes" that still appears after compounding, so I doubt I can do those too.


Thanks again, i am now aware the opti-coat is for protection and all flaws will be locked in.


I would be interested to know how resistance the coat is against minor swirls.

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