Review: Optimum Car Wash Concentrate

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Review: Optimum Car Wash Concentrate



I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to finally use Optimum Car Wash. Optimum is one of my preferred brands of car care products so you would think I’d have used it before now. Anyway, between my go to car wash and the samples of car wash members have generously sent me for review I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Luckily for me a friend and fellow member of the forum (Jim-Dr. Oldz) sent me a sample of OCWC to try out. I used this product a few weeks ago on 3 different cars and I’ve finally had a chance to finish putting the review together.


Partial Product Description (from Optimum Wiki):

Optimum Car Wash is designed to clean the toughest automotive grime while maximizing the protection of Optimum Car Wax. The rich foaming lather traps dirt and grime and rinses with cold water leaving a smooth, clean surface behind. Optimum Car Wash is also extremely gentle and very safe for consumers while containing only biodegradable ingredients to make it safe for the environment as well.



01.- Packaging: N/A

02.- Directions: (0.5 to 1.0 oz. per gallon)

03.- Consistency: Easily mixed with water

04.- Color: Blue

05.- Scent: Blueberry (Very nice and strong)

06.- Size/Price (at time of Review): $11.99 / 32 oz.

----- Cost - 3+/- Gallons of Mixed Solution: $0.56 to $1.12

07.- Size/Price (at time of Review): $29.99 / 128 oz.

----- Cost - 3+/- Gallons of Mixed Solution: $0.35 to $0.70

08.- Manufacturer: Optimum Polymer Technologies, Inc.

09.- Made in: USA


Additional products used for prep, during application, or removal:

1.- (2) buckets with Grit Guard

2.- Car Pro merino wool wash mitt

3.- MF Chenille Wash Mitt (Cobra)

4.- Metro Master Blaster

5.- Various brushes


Environmental Conditions:

85 degrees Fahrenheit

60% Humidity


Video: Mixing Solution




Ready to Roll:



The media I used was the Carpro wash mitt for the majority of the Sky and the Cobra mf wash mitt for the lower portions.






After thoroughly rinsing the vehicle I loaded my upper panel mitt with solution and washed a section of the hood. Normally I rinse the section before moving to the next but this time I waited until the hood was completely washed before rinsing it. After washing a section of the hood as shown below I rinsed the mitt out. When using a Microfiber mitt I spray it out with the hose between each section. However, with the long hair merino wool mitt I now use on Sky’s upper body I find it rinses nicely in my secondary rinse bucket. As I was saying, after rinsing the mitt I reloaded it with solution and repeated the process on the remaining sections of the hood. Next I rinsed the hood clean and moved on to each of the other panels and glass where I repeated a similar process. I did not wash the lower 18 inches of the vehicle, the front bumper, or the rear vertical with my merino mitt. Instead I switched to my Microfiber chenille wash mitt and completed the lowest areas with it. After a final rinse of the entire vehicle I pulled it into the garage where my Master Blaster awaited. There were no towels used to dry the vehicle. After blowing every inch of Sky dry, I took a picture before pulling her back outside for some pictures in the sun and clouds.


Video: Optimum Car Wash In Action





Ooooh, Ahhhhh, the smell! Normally I’m the last guy to say the smell of a product really deserves much attention but in this case it does. It’s strong enough that I actually enjoyed it throughout the wash. For me anything that adds to the enjoyment of car care is a benefit.

I had read that OCWC didn’t have obvious lubricity in the way that we judge lubricity (the touch of our skin) but that judging lubricity in this way is pointless anyway. Personally I thought it did have very good lubricity that I could indeed feel. Maybe my water softener ran the night before? Anyway, I loved the way the mitt slid across the paint and I tried to show that in the video by moving slowly enough that you could see it. Suds are plentiful if you want them but as you could see in my mix video I stir the solution first with my arm (partial reasoning is to control the suds as is my preference)




03-After Rinsing






04-After Rinsing






05-After Drying with Master Blaster






06-After (Pulled back into the sun for pictures)










































13-After (You can see here when I park in the sun I still get a little Vintage sweating from where I reapplied it on the lower front section of the hood (road wrap incident) and didn’t allow it to fully sweat out)


























































Daily Driver:


I also used OCWC on two other vehicles that had a good bit more filth. I won’t bog down this thread with a bunch more photos or details on that but I’ll share a couple.


This was what my daily driver looked like before:





And this was after washing it:






I found OCWC to be more effective than I had expected and I didn’t have any problem getting any of the cars I washed clean on the first go around. Of course I did use more pressure with a MF Chenille mitt on the daily drivers so it should be noted that the method you saw in the video was only used on my Sky.



1.- Smell

2.- Lubricity

3.- Easy Rinsing

4.- Cleaning Ability



1.- Price: This will hinge on the dilution you use which there seems to be some debate about. At the dilution I used price would be a con

2.- I’m sure it just happened to be the lighting of the sun that day but usually the red paint on my sky photographs with an orange tint but this day it photographed with a red/pink tint to it.

3.-How is it that after washing and rinsing outside and pulling the car into the garage it smelled like blueberries 8 hours later? I rinsed the bucket out as well (of course) and I swear I could smell blueberries in the garage that night.



1.-Price – See ??? #1 above


Final Observations and Summary:

I’ll vote with my dollar here by telling you that Optimum Car Wash Concentrate is in my cart now. I’m not trying to convince anyone. I’m just telling you that I personally liked it enough that I have it in my cart and the last car wash I purchased was Ultima. I think the cleaning ability of OCWC is in the upper tier of wax safe shampoos and for me lubricity was great. In my opinion it’s an excellent product. In the smell dept. this is my favorite and the only car wash where smell has consciously affected my decision. Not so much that it is the very best smelling car wash (although it does smell really great) but more so that the strength of the scent is noticeable and enjoyable while washing. Keep in mind my dilution was about 1 oz per gallon.


Q&A with Chris:


1Q.- I have seen conflicting data on dilution. A trusted friend told me Dr G said 1/2 oz per gallon was the correct dilution but I see on your product wiki it says 1 oz per gallon. What is correct?


1A.- 1 oz per gallon is right, but I only use 1/2 because it works very well and doesn't waste. Dr G said 1/2 oz was good too...but the official recommendation and label remain at 1 oz in case people have hard water and such.

2Q.- Does Optimum car wash have added gloss enhancers?


2A.- This will be answered in an update as soon as Chris gets back to us. I believe it does not have added gloss enhancers.-


And some information from Chris on use of OCWC with a foam gun:

In the tank mix 3:1 water to Optimum Carwash, then set the slider to the 3rd hole from the left (4:1). that'll give you 1 oz per gallon on the vehicle.


Special thanks to Jim, Chris, and Dr. David G.


Thanks for viewing. Comments & questions are appreciated


Oh! A quick story for you guys if you haven’t fallen asleep yet...


Awhile back my lovely wife was able to reconfigure the leg of my canopy in a way that wasn’t helpful. She used the front end of her car as the tool and the leg was demolished when she turned into it.


I temporarily fixed it like this: LOL!




Later using 3/8”-16 x 3 1/2" hex head bolts I did this:






That will do until I find a replacement leg.


This final picture is actually a couple weeks after washing with OCWC but I love it so much I can’t help but throw it in here. Consider it a pretty picture just for fun.




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