Opti-Coat 2.0 User from the Philippines


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Hi! A first time Optimum product user here in the Philippines. Opti-Coat 2.0 is not available here so I ordered one from abroad. Pretty expensive but I'm impressed! Applied it to my brand new Toyota Altis.




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Thanks for the welcome!


Yeah, I'm loving it! Another good thing is I only used exactly 5ml for my Altis (applied to whole car except windows/windshield). I'm planning to apply it to my other ride-- a black Honda Civic. It's 5 years old with about 50,000 km mileage and has a few swirl marks and will need a bit of surface prep.


As an aside, I Opti-coated my gadgets too! :spoton[1]:



I just noticed a bird bomb in the car's roof. I removed it using QD and I noticed paint imperfections underneath. Can I use Meg's Scratch X to smoothen it? Will it also remove the Opti-Coating? What would you suggest I use for bird bombs as I understand Opti-Coat doesn't protect the paint from such nuisance. Thanks!

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