Optimum car care makes dream comes true by detailien


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Awesome work as always KC bro. :top:




thanks buddy u too can


look at S1tl



Im also like to detailing my car but still using bare hands. So the results its not like all the detailing sifus..which im really hope :lol: . Still i really like to owned a DA if i want to go the next level. Any advise for newbie? :)




dont waste time on toys


join my next detailing clininc to find out


[addedon]September 14' date=' 2011, 10:49 am[/addedon']another amazing rescue by Josh




nobody nor detailers want to train him & he is so disappointed & at the edge of giving up his dream


Now he is international recognized...you too can do it


get the real thing & get train


Dear readers' date=' i bring to u the disadvantages of parking beside developing high rise condo that is performing exterior painting...beware and enjoy my latest detailing!







stop saying no & start ONR


u definitely goes beyond space age technology

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