First Wash with ONR

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Nice 5.0.... What are your impressions of ONR?


It's one of my most favorite things ever.



As advertised. My water is VERY hard and I came across this while searching for a treatment system to run my water through. Every time I washed I couldn't get the water off quick enough to keep it from etching the paint. The ONLY way I could get the spots off was to use a mild abrasive polish which meant waxing the car way more than I had time to.


I was very impressed with the ONR and am looking forward to my new finish after I polish the current spots from the surface. Typically I don't allow my car to get too dirty between washes which will be great using ONR but what if I hit a nasty puddle or something and end up with a caked on mess? Can I still use ONR safely? I would be ok with never doing a traditional wash again!

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