Opti-Coat + OCW (after an hour)


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I was wondering if after I applied OC/OG and leave it for say; after an hour or so can I use OCW on the paint surface? The reason I ask is coz I wanna a slick finish after applying OC/OG. Will doing so harm the OC/OG curing? I thought about this coz well since we can use OCW to wipe off the residue of OP, I thought I could try this method in OC/OG?


I want to have a slick finish to touch. Say eg. customer of mine coming to take his/her car. They touch it and feels the slickness and is satified with the result.......


And since on this topic, lets say if for example after the OCW's durability diminished, will the beading and sheeting of OC/OG comes back it to place? What I mean is for example I applied OC/OG, then I applied a wax, After the wax protection diminishes, will I get the beading and the sheeting of OC/OG back? Thanks for your kind reply. Have a great day.

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I actually did the same thing with OCW after an hour when I saw a high spot from Opti-Coat application which I missed during light wipe off after the application


You can top the coating, but the product will fade quickly and you will not see the water shedding and contamination repeling properties as you will be covering the coating and the characteristics of what's on top will prevail. You can get the coating wet (water) after an hour, but I would not apply anything until cross linking is complete (12-24) hours.


I know what you mean about people touching the surfaces, but you should educate them that wax feels slick just because it's wax...not because of your abilities. And they actually should refrain from dry touching the paint to prevent maring.


Chris should I reapply Opti_Coat or should I remove it then re apply?

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