opti coat Lexus Harrier By Detailien


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what damages car paint? Clear coat threat ?


what creates swirls? what are the sign of your clear coat damages? worst still at the amount of RIDs found on this paint? Random Isolated scratches...as serious as a 3rd degree burn


always from improper way of washing (how it is being handled)


what you cant see you wouldnt know


and usually what you wouldnt know it dont exist


I had to attend to 2 urgent call over last weekend - both are critical - one whom got water proofing residue stain the back of the car & another severely Clear coat damaged...both requires more than 10 hours each ....


read on......


my buddy whom likes his ride to be clean & mint condition ...so the cheapest way is to engage a bicycle detailer...one whom wash your ride -whether rain or sun daily...in the same bucket



under 300 watt halogen light inspection




thanks for the consistent & hard working indian on wheel wash (bicycle detailer)



after OHSC + OPT single sided wool

follow with OHSP with + Polishing foam pad



what before


remember what you can see doesn't mean it is not found there!!!! prevention is always better than cure




ta da




the illusionist

pls pay extra attention



ladies and gentleman - boys & gals

let me present you...more illusions



from this



the truth is






my art work




for the complete write up here

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