Has my bottle of Optimum Poli-Seal gone bad


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Hi guys,


My bottle of Optimum Poli-Seal seems to have gone bad (product separation).


I shook it vigiously for a good 5 minutes and it simply refuses to mix again.


All I'm getting now is a yellow liquid, the rest of the "stuff" is stuck against the walls of the bottle.


Bottle is about 6-months old and I have only used it twice, its stored in a cool, dry and dark place. We don't get winters here, average annual temperature is about 28°C .



Here are some pics for reference.







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Mine actually thickened up and no matter how much it was shaken it didn't thin. Here's the reply to an e-mail sent to Dr. G. I followed his instructions and it worked great. This might work for you as well.


"Thank you for your email and using the Optimum Car Care products. Poli-Seal gets thicker over time as the solvents evaporate from the bottle. You can just add 1-2 oz. of paint thinner/mineral spirits or some opti-Seal to your bottle to thin down the product. The other products you mentioned, do not have any solvents and therefore are not affected in the same way. Please let me know if this helps your product or not. Thanks again. "

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Thanks for the advise.


I tried tried both methods to no avail.


Disposed about 100ml of yellow liquid and then shook bottle vigorously, product refused to mix and all I'm getting out from the bottle is yellow liquid.


I then added 20ml of paint thinner to bottle and again shook it vigorously, this time round product curdled. Continued shaking for another 5 minutes and things remained status quo.


Here are some pics.






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I have had this happen to me as well twice. Once I was able to get it to come back to life and another time it wouldn't no matter what I did (I still have the new bottle sitting in my shop actually). Not sure what causes it but good thing is that Chris provides the best customer service and always willing to make the customer happy!

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I was about to detail my car with Poli-Seal today and the two new bottles I have also "gelled", it is like Jello inside the bottle, no amount of shaking or mixing will make in go back into a buttery smooth liquid. Since, some members already tried with paint thinner and it didn't work, I think it needs some Isoamyl acetate aka "banana oil" as a solvent since I don't smell it anymore in the bottle. This happens with Optium Polish at a lesser extent as well. The HDPE bottle should be close celled enough to stop solvent fro evaporating, but I still smell the solvent somehow leeching out of the bottles.

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Okay, I tried the paint thinner trick and it worked, it instanly went back to buttery smooth !

I used 2-3oz of Varsol which is a more controlled product than regular paint thinner and it has naptha as well.


Now if only I can revive the several bottles of Hyper Compound that has seperated ! :(

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