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Shawn F.

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Has anyone here ever heard of this company? The owner of the company contacted me on Autopia forums about his product line and is sending me a bunch of samples to try out. Seems new to me since I have never heard of the company before. I am not sure if it's high end type stuff or low budget OTC quality. I will be testing it out in the next few weeks for quality, durability, ease of use and price quality and report back to you guys here. I'd like to get some opinions from you guys here on what you think if you have tried it before or looked into it at one time.

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Chris and the rest of the gang here at Optimum Forums,

I tried Turbo Wax products on my 08 Nissan Altima and a few other vehicles and will have to say that the stuff works great. Price is fair, easy to apply and take back off and so far the results and durability are good. Their customer service is top notch as well! They are a new company and there are rumors from people saying that they are another line from Four Star detail products but I talked to the owner about it and he said that at the beginning they were receiving help/advice from them and packaging.

Overall though I like their products and plan to continue to use them. Their Tire Gel is not really a gel and is Polycharged and does not offer much shine at all. It's more of a protectant than a tire shine. I will be providing some pictures soon...

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