sprays formulas and MF pads question


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just a couple questions



1. just wondering if you are working on a spray version of the final polish 2? considering there is a spray version of the other 3 already


2.were the spray version made for the MF pads or vice versa? i know i can use other pads with the sprays(cause i have) but like the Meguiars MF kits there pads and compound/finishing wax was made to go with the MF pads


i think thats it for right now. all i know is the spray formulas are completely amazing. love the results and the facts that they are dust free and body shop safe. since right now i am working my small(just started) detail shop inside a body i know it is a no brainer about which products i can use on new paint and which ones i can not.



Thank You


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