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Shawn F.

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I am hoping that I am not starting a thread that has been burnt out and posted a ton before. I did a search and read through every thread in this section of the forums with no luck. Anyways, my question here is, what do you guys do to keep your customer coming back on a car that has been coated with the Opti Guard or Opti Coat 2.0? Reason I ask is because I have a customer who used to get his car done every month to 3 months with pretty much 2 full details a year and maintenance details in between. Now that I did the coating he doesn't need it done anymore and washes his own vehicle with the two bucket method (I put a kit together and sold it to him so he can properly wash it). He is very happy with the coating and said the car still looks as good as the day I did it (which was a few months ago now).

The only reason I can see him coming back is for touch ups and interior repairs/spot cleaning... Right now it seems that it will slow my work down and cut the amount of times I will see a customer which is good and bad. I like to save the customer money and never sell them something they do not need and always try to help them save money. At the same time I need to make sure I'm not cutting my own throat here if that makes any sense. I'm sure there's a way to fix this but I am just not seeing it and hope someone can shed some light on the subject.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Shawn


This is a topic probably better suited for the professionals forum, but basically we sell the Opti-Guard service with a warranty. If the client continues to have the coating maintained annually by the Opti-Coat dealer we extend that warranty indefinately with a couple of terms and conditions.


We have other dealers who continue to maintain their clients cars even without a warranty. Sometimes this is the first time they have dealt with them also. So I guess it is the salesman in you who needs to show them why it is a good idea for you to periodically maintain the vehicle. Paint decontamination for example. Quite often poor maintennce by the client results in things like watermarks on the coating that a paint cleaner can quickly remove.


So you might not see them every 3 months, but annually is a good idea. Over time when you build up your number of Opti-Coat clients you might struggle to find time to see them just once a year.

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