Porsche 911 Turbo 997 Full correction detail by KC The Detailien


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how to detail RM 1.3 Million ride



Thank you for your much awaited patience, and anticipated posting. I thank the Above for this opportunity for allowing me to detail this exotic! A Porsche 997 Turbo!! After going much obstacles & hurdles, finally this is the time to share with you.... the encounter....




After this detail I went thru quite a bit of challenge & calamity, a week late had a L4 Slipped disc. (May 2011) My whole world collapsed, having to feel the worst torturer & feeling for not being able to carry my baby again! worst still is this my last detail?????


During the first 2 weeks complete flat resting (& months of recuperation) makes me to think & perhaps to consider again meaning of life!

Look what have I done to my back? anyway who cares what u have detail!


My struggles of

The Prize Vs the Price
what if I turn vegetable,Although there are a few of of tears but many moments of fears"is that worth to risk ? (at the price of my life)??????"


READ ON.......


starting with the most contaminated place - the wheels certainly




with POWER Clean + agitated with soft bristle hair away caked up brake dust


before Alienized






later we repeat till it is clean




close up



well getting it resprayed would be easier than correcting & maintaining it...partially true


The most expensive cars in the world - RM 100 Mill - the Ferrari 250 GTO sells for £20.2m
and the paint has to be kept original

check it out here but in our used car dealer - Boss no need to worry its a new paint (thats my worry)



ta da






I remembered this saying "the greatness of a man is determine by the price he is willing to pay to achieve his goal" ...I took almost 11 months to overcome and tell myself is worth sharing my Prize & price with you






for the complete write up pls read more at porsche 911 turbo 997

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Sweet car, I love the 997!! Great work on it and sorry to hear about your back!


Not to worry mate


Thank God I am heal but taking it slowly to enjoy each detail

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