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Hi. I'm a techie who works in Seattle and loves cars. I've always been frustrated about spending $$$ polishing and waxing (I dont do it myself, pay pros) only to see the wax wash off within 2 weeks to a month (if I'm lucky), thanks to the rain in Seattle. The waxing part especially is a useless waste of money here for a daily driver - even for the high quality ones, the product performance deteriorates quickly over months.


My fave wax/sealant so far for durability is Collinite 476S, which does stick around for 4-6 months at least and is the only one I consider worth it (and Klasse high gloss sealant isnt too bad). Anyway, long story short is I have two cars. An 05 Kia Sorento (wifes daily driver) and a 08 BMW M6 (just purchased and is driven in decent weather, will be detailed at high end exotic shops like Park Place Motors and North West Auto Salon). I've been searching for a product that basically serves as an extra 'non stick' clear coat , because I dont wash the car often (polish/wax yearly, wax once in between and do a basic wash twice in between). Durability is primary, gloss and shine secondary.


The Kia Sorento is my test bed as its black, badly swirled/hologramed and has a soft clear coat that easily mars (bird droppings, sap etc even if I remove it within 15 mins!). It's a product of cheap paint and clear coat from Kia. I purchased Opti-Coat 2.0 after a ton of research, took it along with the Kia and directions to Derek's Island Detail in Redmond and chatted with the head detailer (Sal) to ensure he understands how to use this (ie, remove as many swirls as you can by compounding, cutting, remove ALL polish, apply tiny amount instead of wax monitoring as you go).


Went back to work and returned to Sal applying the OC 2.0 on the car and going on and on about how good the product was. The car looked like a mirror, and all it took was 6-8 cc for the entire SUV painted panels. Sal was blown away by the clarity, shine, ease of application. It looks like glass. My wife, who normally doesnt notice when I clean her car, said ('This time you did something different, the paint looks new').


This morning, the car looks even better (some folks mentioned it would get better as it cured)! It's has a better look IMHO that any other wax I've applied, however, three observations.


1) It doesnt have a 'wet look'. I dont like the 'wet look', a lot of spray on waxes do that well.

2) It doesnt hide swirls. Although Sal did a kick-a$$ job, some swirls remained as expected and are locked in, unlike filler waxes. This is much better to me than a layer that temporarily hides swirls for a few weeks.

3) It doesnt feel slick. It feels like smooth glass.


Sal is going to chat with Derek (the owner of the chain) about using the products moving forward and will be doing some more research. Meanwhile, I will be reapplying this instead of wax in 6 months for a second coating. Lastly, depending on durability, if this thing sheets water in 6 months (I know the product claims lifetime), I will be impressed enough to have the same done to my beast (the M6!).



I cant comment on beading, performance or durability yet. Just looks and ease of application. It should be called 'smooth mirror finish'. LOL


Will report back on progress, here are some photos of the paint after, the reflections are insane. Unfortunately I wasnt planning on this being any remarkable detail so dont have photos of the car prior to the detail. What a product!!!!


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I think in six months you will find that a second coat will not be needed. OC 2.0 is great stuff and with the proper maintenance wash it will last a long long time. :). Also welcome to the forum.

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The only way OC will be gone in 6 months is if you polish/sand it off or it wasnt applied to film/wax/oil free surface. Your gonna love how easy the Kia will be to clean, and I hope when you get the m6 done you post some pics, that's a true sleeper, can carry the family at 150mph :)

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Thanks guys!

My only worry is that hardly any OC 2.0 (6 cc or so) was used for the whole SUV! Part of me wonders if it was applied too thin. Having a second coat in 6 months would give me added peace of mind (plus I have a whole lot remaining and might as well use it instead of wax next time?). We use the SUV on some nasty gravel/mud roads etc when we go hiking, and it gets coated with a lot of dirt and tree sap (pine tree sap is the worst, second only to bird droppings!)


Funnily enough, two of my buddies saw the Kia and one immediately borrowed the OC2.0 last night and is calling the same detailer requesting they apply it on his ride. :-). The other is buying his own syringe online!


There’s something about that syringe and that ‘this is a permanent coating’ checkbox that gives this product an added sense of seriousness!


Yeah, the M6 is a beast. I've been blessed enough to own/drive a bunch of fast cars and there isn’t quite anything like it in the market, its revs till 8500 rpm and hits triple digit speeds at the mere press of the gas (I hear it will do 200 but that is all theoretical for me out here!).


The V10 is like a shrieking axe murder hiding under the exterior of a catholic school girl. When I let it loose at 1am on the I90 tunnel naughty things happen, in an understated and fully legal way of course.

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