black 1500 detail

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I had my taekwon-do instuctors black 1500 to detail today. Man is this thing ever a huge sucker. I could barely fit it into my grage. I felt so small next to it.


It was a simple enough detail. No polish but it still turned out nicley




Pre-soaked with p21s total autowash

Wash car with optimum no rinse (this stuff is awsome)

Dried car

Worked on wheels

needed p21s gell wheen cleaner and some big arms lol

clayed using megs clay

Wiped down

Applied klasse spray and gloss (decided he needed a sealent)

I let it dry while I did the inside

Wiped off the SG with a mf cloth and victoria wax detail spray (i love the sprayer on this, it gives a fine mist instead of a stream like many)


Befores: (there are not many)








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Yep, really needed a nice polishing but it did clean up nicely.


Amazing how colors have such a huge effect on appearance, a silver or white car would of looked so much different with that process but dark colors are so tough and finicky, makes me want to pull my hair out!!


Good job and it looked like the perfect day for some detailing ;)



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