Please Evaluate My OC2.0 Prep

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Here is my current plan for preping my car for my OC2.0 applicationPlease give me feedback on my current plan to prep: (Diff products, additional steps, anything)


Car Paint Condition Before Prep:


My 2012 VW Golf will be about 2 months old by the time I have time to apply OC2.0. I am not sure what the dealer has done with the paint, but so far it is flawless. I park it in the garage and hand wash it every week. I have done nothing to the paint but wash it.


1. Wash normally, and use Power Clean (3:1) to get the tough areas like the rocker panels that my have grease and road tar.

Rinse well.


2. Clay Bar the entire car (Including Plastic headlights and tail lights that I will be applying OC2.0 to)


3. Light polish of any scratches or swirls (Likely won’t have any) (I have Menzerna Polishes, and a Porder Cable DA buffer)

*After Claying and possible polishing, I don’t know if I should wash the car again, or just move on to my step 4.


4. Use CarPro Eraser Intense Oil & Polish Cleanser to remove any clay residue, or anything else


5. Apply Opti Coat.

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I do want to coat my wheels, and will try to if I have time, but the car body is my first priority. If I do the wheels, I will completely remove them and coat everything!


I am not a fan of Dawn washes, so maybe I will use Optimum polishes so I can skip that step. I am becomign a big fan of Optimum products, and will be switching over to them when I run out of my other stuff. (Opti-Bond Tire Gel is the first Optimum product I have used and instantally turned me into an Optimum fan! Awesome stuff!)

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