OPC causes matt stains on glass


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I've been using Optimum products for a few months now and so far they are great products.

I recently got OPC for cleaning tree sap on my car. I was just testing out on a section of the side door car window on full power OPC. It does clean a bit. But I didn't realize that I need to rinse off immediately then.

The next morning I notice there are matte wiping stains on the glass window. I tried using some sort of

Goo Gone to wipe it off but it has no effect. I am worried it may have corroded into the glass itself.


Is there any way to clean off matte the stains on the glass?


What is the best dilution to clean tree sap?


What is the correct procedure to use OPC?




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It's pretty rare and not really a good practice to spray any chemical on your vehicle and allow it to dry. To be safe always rinse chemicals off unless it's something like opti seal which is ok to spray straight on the paint although I like spraying it onto the applicator then spreading. As far as Opc on the vehicle I spray it on at 1:3-1:4 allow about 15-20 seconds dwell time and rinse it off. To get the residue off the window your probably going to need to compound it off or use a decently aggressive polish. Or buy a glass specific polish.

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