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Metal polish wow's me!

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I've always loved optimums metal polish even the old pink formula, but I gotta ask what kinda protection is in the new formula??? I did this customers car a little before Christmas which was 6 months ago. Came to them yesterday the thing looked in rough shape so I asked when was the last time they had it washed, and the response was the last time I had did it. Ok no problem, went about cleaning the rims first and they were still beading/sheeting water like I just polished the rims last week. I was shocked to say the least to see the protection still there, although I'm sure some of this factor was that no harsh chemicals were used to clean the rims as they hadn't been cleaned since the last time I was there but still that's amazing to last 6 months! I usually keep my maintenance customer rims polished regularly so I've never gotten to see long term protection results, but this was impressive. About how long has anyone else noticed the protection to last?

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Guest MarcelaHet

I used both metal polish #1 and #2 on my frount mount intercooler and that baby shines like a mirror.


Great stuff. I highly recommend it.

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