Power Clean Residue After Use

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I got a gallon of Power Clean and been using it for the last month or so. I have it diluted at:






I have been using it for various tasks, and it is been working great, but I will sometimes see residue after use, even after what I consider a thorough rinsing.


For Example:


I use 3:1 to clean my factory clear coated wheels and tires. I spray, let it sit for about 1 min, agitate with a brush, the rinse off. I have noticed that when rinsing, I don't see much suds coming off. I still give it a good rinse for a while after I stop seeing suds. Sometimes I will see the residue left over on my wheels after drying them.


Should I be using a lower concentration for my wheels? How well do you need to rinse 3:1 OPC to avoid residue?


Also, can the residue damage clear coat if left on there, and what is the best way to remove it?


Another example is I used 3:1 on my nissan 240 that had been sitting outside for months, to help clean the areas that had sap, pollen, and mold accumulation. After spraying the OPC, I agitated it with a boar hair brush in areas, and my wash mitt in others. I then rinsed these areas. I rinsed the car for a good 10 min, and suds from the OPC kept coming off. I then completely washed my car, then did a very thorough rinse as well. After drying I saw the OPC residue in the painted areas that I had used it. From all I have read, I didn't think OPC would need to be rinsed as much as I am currently rinsing it, and even then I am still having problems with residue.


Any suggestions, or ideas on what I am doing wrong. It is a great product, I am just nervous to use it now because of the risk of residue. Maybe I should be using 5:1 or higher dilution ratios?

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Hmm I use it 3:1 also, but I only use a pressure washer and it sounds like your just using a hose. As far as the rims, I spray the tires then the rims, then immediately agitate the rims and rinse before it dries, never had a problem with residue. Same for the paint I spray whatever area as long as its cool and rinse it off before it looks like its wanting to dry. The only experience I've had with residue is where I didn't rinse it before it dried, but some polyseal took it right off.

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