2011 Jerez Black/Blue/Purple M3 - Hyper Polish, Poli-Seal, and Opti-Seal

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Hi everyone,


From the factory, I had the Simoniz Glasscoat applied because it provides a 7-Year Warranty on the paint bumper to bumper.


It seems that the Glasscoat is a little soft - and swirls easily.


So, I took my car through a Hyper Polish, Poli-Seal, and Opti-Seal process.


On thing to note is how the paint looks different depending on the lighting. I just wanted to provide the hue breakdown:


Jerez Black Metallic


Paint code - A73


The mix is :


Color ( % of total mix )

-Black ( 80%)

-Pearl Blue ( 7% )

-Dark Violet ( 5% )

-Light pearl blue( 4% )

-Laser Green( 3% )

-Pearl White( 1% )




The first image is a close-up of the swirls on the hood:







The next few are shots after all of the work:












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Fun color to work on for sure. And that Glasscoat confirms the variability of the application/performance. Opticoat all the way!

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