Opti-Coat + 1st wash = water spots


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FYI: My prep included, Wash, Clay, Dawn Wash, Optimum Finish w DA Polisher and IPA wipe down.


I applied Opti-Coat 2.0 1 week ago. I let it sit out in the California sun a couple hours each day then park it in my garage.


Today (1 week later), I washed it for the first time with a light mix of Griots car wash and a few drops of Dawn. I was prepping for my 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film.


I noticed while drying it, there were very small ( perfect circles I might add) of water marks all over the car. At first I thought it was hard water, but I've never had major Hard Water issues before.


It almost seemed that some risidual OC rinsed off (perhaps from the Dawn?) and dried quickly as water marks all over the car. When buffed dry with a little IPA, it's not visible, but when it gets lightly mist you can see that the water marks are still there.


Question, Does Dawn, even a very light solution, can wash away a layer of 1 week old OC 2.0? Or is it normal for the risidual OC 2.0 to wash of a little?


If so, how do I get rid of the water spots, becasue IPA did not work.

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We're the spots from your wash or from rain or from sprinklers? OC won't wash off with Dawn after a week. We have seen water spots breakup and disappear from OC with exposure to uv over a few days. Same thing with bird bombs. It's like they are stains instead of etching and they just go away. You can try white vinegar as mild acids usually remove mineral stains.


Hi Chris. Negative on the rain or sprinklers. I babied the surface the whole week in the garage, except the hour or so each do to bake in the sun.

At this point, 1 week of OC 2.0 dry time, am I safe using white vinegar on the surface without it fully curing ? I keep reading the 30 day cure time to fully harden, do I have to be concern with the surface before the cure period? Should I stay away form detailing sprays or other wax protectants?

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It was a cool morning with some sun, but I did manage to blot dry it quick enough. Even in the shaded side of the car also has the spots. I just went down to take a look, and a little micro fiber rag did seem to hollow out the inner spot but the ring is still a little visible. I'm probably too gentle on the surface and not giving it more of a firm rub I'll buy some vinegar and give it a shot this week. I'm sure my Klasse AIO will take care of the spots, but I'll try the vinegar first. I'll keep you posted.

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