Soft paint on a wv golf


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Hi all!


Just curious if anyone can help me out, the cars paint is hard, but somehow super soft. I have to use the rotary to remove paint defekts, and when I use a da it leaves small small don't know if scratches is the right name... But they looks like a cat claw. I have tryed different polish and compounds, different speeds on the da and different pads aswell...


Hope anyone can help.


Kind regards

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

It may not be the case, but it sure sounds like the pads you're using on the DA are dirty or have some sort of contaminants on them. Are you using different pads between the DA & the rotary?

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Thanks for taking time to help me!


Well i tryed diffrent pads, but had the same resoult, one thing that sarted ot wondering about is if the pigtails came from the carcare company that messed up the paint. However i found a solution on the problem and i tryed Optimum hyper spray compund aswell and i dont have any pigtails anymore. I rely like that compound! it works rely amazing.


Acording to the pads, i dident use the same pads for rotary and da. And i machinewash them after every car. So i rely hope i cant have been that.


Thanks for all help!

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