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I've used OCW yesterday and was highly impressed, but I still have a few questions about it:


1) Is it in fact a Wipe-On-Walk-Away product, or do you recommend buffing it out after applying it?


2) Will layering another coat of OCW at the same day be beneficial for the paint, or will the effect be negligible after the first coat?


3) How long do you recommend on waiting before adding another coat of OCW?


4) Is it recommended to add another coat of OCW once a week after I wash and dry the car?


5) Will OCW be compatible with other spray waxes brands such as Chemical Guys V7 or Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax that I'm thinking of putting on top of it?




I absolutely love each and every product that I used so far from Optimum. You're doing a truly amazing job over there.

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