Opti Compound Restores Roof Rack


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I got some Solution Finish on BOGO to take care of the rubber bits on my roof rack on my 01 Pathfinder. The attachment points and a center strip on each rack is plastic, the center strip itself metal. I was ready to give up on improving the metal part when I decided to try something.


I took every thing apart and cleaned it from the roof rack in preparation for treating with Solution Finish on another day. I decided to try to improve the center metal rails with my 7424, a 3" Hydrotech cyan pad, an Optimum Compund.


Couldn't believe the results after compound only. I made a tape line prior to compare my progress. In a few days I'll will be finishing them with the same setup using GPS. this is 11 years of sun an oxidation


Before I cleaned and took it apart. Doesn't show a lot




After compounding half using a tape line. Keep in mind surface is 100% dry and cleaned with Eraser. No wax or protection on surface








Optimum Polishes Rule!

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