Hyper Polish MF Correction System


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I am in the process of my annual paint correction on my garage queen and have a question about levels of aggressiveness with this system. I am using the PC7424XP with the 5.25" mf pads. I am working on speed 4.5. My defects are minimal but some of them cannot be removed with the polish and polishing pad alone. I was wondering what you guys would recommmend being my next step for those areas...


1) Step up to the compound and compounding pad and then follow with the polish and polishing pad (I have verified this works with 4-6 section passes of each product).

2) Stay with the polish but step up to the compounding pad (I have not tried this yet).


If I go with step 2, do you think it will be necessary to step back down to the polishing pad?


Maybe some of you with experience using this system have a few tricks you could share as well. I love the results so far, my sprayers are working great and there is literally no dusting...

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1st I'd try stepping up to the compound pad with the polish.


2nd I'd step up to compound on polish pad.


3rd Compound on compound pad.


What's car are you working on and is it factory paint? If so how many times have you polished or compounded it, since this is an annual thing?


I have verified that option 3 above works with just one pass of each product. I am working on my 2010 Camaro (factory black) and this is my third year to correct the paint.

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