2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

primo spaghetti

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This bad boy was in rough shape IMO.

Basically a co worker tried to spray paint a piece of trim on the driver’s door and the car ended up being covered in overspray. We called him tremclad for the last couple of weeks.

He finally asked me to get the overspray off for him. I told him it would also entail a polish, so I opted for the poli seal, and it was a great time to test drive the new flex 3401 (which for the life of me I swear spins counter clockwise!)

Unfortunately after I got into the overspray and the decon, the car was worse than I thought. No final pics yet (almost done) but here is what I have so far.

Here is the overspray and tape line on the driver’s side rear door and a pillar




Here are a couple of the clay process...wow is all I can say about the overspray...it was everywhere!!



A look at the overall condition after the clay and elastrofoam block (definitely not impressed with this alternative to clay...nano skin or OPT clay alternative is next on the list).





Can still see some slight overspray the buffed out in the end...


And here are a few 50/50 and finish shot prior to opti seal being applied. I flipped back and forth with various combos and can’t remember what exactly was used in each picture, but there are combos of hyper compound and 5.5 MF pads, 5.5 LC CCS orange pads on the hood roof and deck lid followed by poli seal on 5.5 MF pads and white and blue 5.5 LC CCS and Tangerine HT's...some combos worked great some not so much, but I found the flex was very pad fussy for some reason...it will take some time to get used to, but I can definitely say I did not like the HT's on the flex...shame really.







I tried everything on this bad boy, but it just would not buff out...lol


Here are a couple of pad shots to show the dirt...this blew me away...

The blue was used on the hood AFTER the hyper compound to apply the poli seal and it still showed some signs of cleaning...


And this is actually an orange LC CCS...hood only with Hyper Compound...


I’ll try and get some final shots up in the sun! As always thanks for looking and your feedback!

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