DI water and ONR


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Hi folks,


Is there any advantage/disadvantage in using DI (deionized/demineralized) water with ONR?

I bought a room dehumidifier that produces a good amount of DI water (22ppm vs 150ppm for tap water) so I'm thinking of using it to wash the car instead of throwing it away.


Do I need to change the dilution of my wash solution? What amount of ONR should I use?

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ive heard of using distilled water to mix or dilute cleaning products (never heard with ONR but i bet it would be fine and need less concentrate) to help reduce any impurities or "hardness/mineral deposits" from being left behind.


with that being said, i do not believe distilled water is the same as deionized/demineralized water, even though it does sort of employ the same process as distillation. the following is an excerpt from a google search on the water produced as a by-product of a dehumidifier;


Generally, dehumidifier water is considered a rather clean kind of greywater: not suitable for drinking, but acceptable for watering plants, though not garden vegetables[4] The health concerns are:[4]

  • The water may contain trace metals from solder and other metallic parts, most significantly lead (which is quite dangerous), but also copper, aluminum, and zinc. The trace metals pose a danger if used on edible plants, as they can bioaccumulate; however, the water is usable for irrigation of non-edible plants.
  • various pathogens, including fungal spores, may accumulate in the water particularly due to its stagnancy; unlike in distilled water production, the water is not boiled, which would kill pathogens (including bacteria);
  • as with distilled water, minerals are largely absent, hence it is somewhat flat-tasting

Based on this info alone, im not sure id use it as it may contain more impurities than regular tap water.

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Last summer, I started saving the water from my garage dehumidifier to mix with ONR. I definitely feel it's better than using tap water. It seems to dry easier and more streak-free. I wouldn't spend the money to buy distilled water for every wash job, but since I already have a free supply, why not?



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