Anyone Opti-Coated over plastidip?


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Hi guys:

My wife wants to change the look of her stock wheels...she thought about getting them refinished black. Being the cheapskate that I am, I am planning on plasti-dipping them instead with some glossifier at the end so they aren't completely matte/drab black.


Her wheels are opti-coated now and I don't plan on removing the coating prior to plastidip..just a thorough cleaning. However, I wanted to know if anyone has experiemented with Opti-coating a part after it has plastidip on it? I figure it will make wheel maintenance easier and probably darken the color a tad as well. I'm willing to experiement but wanted some feedback from anyone with experience doing this or at least some guesses on how long the plastidip should "cure" before applying the Opti-coat.


BTW, none of this is going to happen until a warm day in spring, so don't expect any pics in the near term! :nasty[1]:

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