Original 1983 Porsche 928 single stage paint with Opti Coat

Ted Y

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Hi all, I'm new here to this forum. I'm a lucky guy who got the nickname "Crazy Shine" so I turned it into a business! I've been reading and saw there was some good questions about single stage paints and Opti Coat. Well a customer called me and asked me about taking care of two of his sports cars (lucky guy!). He had a 2001 Corvette Coupe in Dark Bowling Green Metallic (all original) and if that went well, he also had a 99% original Porsche 928 in Guards Red original single stage paint that he wanted to make look as good as possible and protect it. He said the Porsche was his long time car that mostly sat in the garage as he was getting older, but wanted it to look good for years to come with minimal upkeep.


I told him I thought Opti-Coat was his answer. Since he was very pleased after the Corvette detail, he immediately brought over this gorgeous beast. To tell you this was a time capsule, is an understatement. The only thing that didn't come on this car was the rims and tires, but they were still all Porsche. Here is how it looked after a wash.


Richard, the owner, said he wasn't able to do more than hand wax the car at this time and needed it to be taken care of for him. Even from 10 feet away, you can see the swirls and scratches.




From about 5 feet away, they are much clearer. The entire car was pretty consistent.










(My take home work car is in the background)








Something about this angle...I just love a Porsche!




Well, you get the idea, they're everywhere.




Inside, under the harsh inspection lights, it's not any prettier. Plus, the paint is 30 years old and travelled 70,000 miles of pure driving enjoyment.




The hood is showing dullness and oxidation.




Can you say, haze? I knew you could...




Don't worry, you'll make a comeback, I promise!





So, on to the correction phase. A test spot with a black Lake Country pad and Megs 205. Let's start gentle and work our way up, right? Yes, that's a BLACK pad. It's confirmed immediately, this is a single stage paint.



The test spot with the 205 was OK. A definite improvement, but a close look showed more swirls that needed to be removed and the deeper scratches were unfazed. Clearly this wasn't to be the best method to start. The photo shows more favorably than the eye sees in person.




So, I tried a yellow Lake Country pad and Meguires 105. Bingo! Check out the clarity and deep color from the inspection light. There was still the sandblasted nose from all those miles but it was like a brand new car on the test spot.




For comparison, here is immediately next to the test spot on an uncorrected area.




After the correction phase and before the polishing phase, check out the difference around the nose logo.






After the polishing with Megs 205 and soft Lake Country pads, observe the detail of the reflection on that beautiful red hood!




Unfortunately, with cars this old, not every scratch will come out. Some are just too deep and there were signs on the edges of the panels that the original paint was getting thin so it was best not to push the corrections too far. Here is the corner of the sunroof to show the clarity and lack of swirls after the polish.








After all this prep and an IPA wipedown, the Opti Coat 2.0 went on like butter. You would have absolutely no differentiation to a clear coat finish in this application on a single stage paint car. Look at the deep reflection after the Opti Coat.












I swear, sometimes the hardest part of detailing is watching these beautiful creatures drive away. Almost brings a tear to my eye. By the way, the yellow Z06 in the neighbors driveway across the street in my daily driver! Who's the lucky one now? :)




Thanks for reading!


Ted Y (Crazy Shine)

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