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Excited about these new products, but have a few questions.


1. Why is the Opti-Glass bottle so big (vs. an Opti-Coat syringe)? What is the coverage vs. Opti-Coat?


2. Since Opti-Glass is "designed to chemically bond to silica-based surfaces" what does that mean for recoating or using Opti-Glass Clean & Protect when the silica-based surface (glass) is no longer exposed since it is coated with Opti-Glass?


3. How can Opti-Glass possibly "increase chip resistance"?? I don't see how that's possible, and is there a difference in that regard between Opti-Glass and Opti-Glass Pro?


4. What if you have a lot of (rock) pits in your windshield? Will Opti-Glass cause them to become more visible (I'm guessing there might be a "buildup" of the product in the pits when applying)? Or will it "fill" them to some limited extent and make them more transparent?


5. What happens if you get Opti-Glass on trim or paint around your glass?


6. Does Opti-Glass Clean & Protect foul microfiber towels? Is any special care required for the towel like for an Opti-Coat applicator (washing immediately after use)?


7. While I'm at it, does Opti-Glass wash out of your applicator after use the way Opti-Coat does?

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Thanks Chris, so if Opti-Glass can be layered, are there min/max times after application for the layering? Is it like Opti-Coat 2.0 and you can only layer it before it's fully cured? How soon do you have to wait after the first coat before you can put on a second?

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I realize this is a new product, and I realize that even with the existing products the data about them is evolving, but don't I remember that originally OC 2.0 was "not" layerable, and then it was stated that it IS layerable during the cure period, which can be up to 3 months?


So above when you say you can layer after it is "dry", does that mean I apply it now, let it haze for 2 minutes, buff it off, then I can put another layer on? Or do I have to wait an hour/day/week? And if it takes 3 months to "fully cure", will it not layer after that?


I have the same questions with Opti-Lens, which I asked in a thread here which I don't think got answered, although you answered the question at another forum. Perhaps you should post a "wiki" here about layering of all the coatings (maybe one for the pro coatings and one for the consumer coatings, so it isn't too confusing), and then it will all be in one place, maybe they are all the same or maybe there are some differences. It would probably cut down on you answering the same questions over and over (I hope!).

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