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Just got some Spring detailing supplies. One of things I ordered was Optimum Metal Polish. I have used this product in the past and absolutely loved it.

When I opened my order today I noticed that the metal polish was the consistency of water. No thickness at all. Is that normal? I shook the living heck out of it but it didn't make any difference. The bottle has a sticker on it that says "New Formula" but what's in the bottle is so totally different than what I have rec'din the past. The polish has always been sort of a toothpaste consistency.

Could it have frozen? Did I get a bad batch?

I love this product and really hope it hasn't been changed!

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The new formula is more of a liquid consistency, and at first I was sure if I'd like it since I was used to the older formula. Once you start to us it, it'll spread further and last longer protection wise then the old stuff. A little goes a long way! You'll see what I mean when using it and I've grown to love it even more then the old formula which I didn't think would be the case.

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