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I am always looking for toppers that will add a bit of gloss/slickness or protection to Opti-Guard. The ones I choose must keep the original properties of Opti-Guard Coating intact, mainly the stay clean and the low dust attraction properties. The only two toppers that fit the bill that I have found so far are Carpro Reload and Permanon Platinum.


I don't see putting a wax or sealant spray over opti-coat as I believe the car will take on the properties of wax/sealant and not stay as clean and attract more dust.


Would Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer be a good choice of a topper to add slickness/gloss while keeping the coating properties intact?



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Yes, and it will add a tad of gloss that you would miss from your favorite wax. It is an excellent choice for maintaining the coating appearance.


Good info Chris! I'm going to give OID a go!

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Beetlevw72 - Thanks!

Chris, do the flouropolymers in OID offer any protection like a spray sealant or wax would. And by protection I mean UV and also the physical protection that a spray wax/sealant would provide. Not that OG needs it but just wondering.

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