Optimum Opti-Bond...I think I love you!


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I have been a long time user of Poorboy's Bold n Bright tire dressing and is still one of my favorite dressings. However, I have recently replaced it with Optimum Opti-Bond and don't see me going back to PB BnB. I can't find any negative things to say about it. It's so easy to apply and my wheels have that dark sheen look to them for an entire week until I have to wash my car. It looks like it can go longer but there's no sense in it since I do weekly washes on my cars. I've also tried Optimum Tire Shine and was impressed by it as well, but I found PB BnB had a slight edge over it after a week. Opti-Bond is a whole new beast however. I ordered a 32oz bottle a few weeks ago and just recently ordered a gallon of it. Thank you, Optimum, for another great product. I am noticing more Optimum products in my collection. :thumbsupup[1]:


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You do know that besides putting it on with a foam applicator that it can be cut 1:1 with water and sprayed on. This is definitely good stuff.

Yes, I'm well aware it can be diluted 1:1 but I love the durability and look of it at full strength. I just bought a gallon of it on top of the 32oz bottle so I'm set for a long time. I only maintain my car & the wife's so I'm good for a while. I'll sometimes wash my brother's car & mother-in-law's but they get the PB treatment on their tires, which is a hell of a lot better than what they use on their own cars. :lol:

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