Single stage Guard's Red Porsche 911

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This 1989 911 is one of the cars we've done on our Arizona trip. Had to take the pictures with my cellphone because my digital camera has such a tough time with red. And since I have what I need with me to transfer pics from my phone to my laptop, and nothing to transfer pictures from my camera to my laptop, the rest of what I've done will have to wait.

The owner of this 911 had a friend detail it a while back, he said his friend did a nice job knocking out most of the oxidation but after a winter up in Massachusetts and being towed behind a truck from there to Arizona, he wanted it cleaned up and the finish refined as much as possible within his budget. He is considering a repaint so he'll have a base coat/clear coat paint job that will better stand up to Arizona's non-stop onslaught of sun in the next couple of years, so it didn't have to be absolutely flawless. Plus since we plan on continuing to come out here a couple times a year, regular polishing will continue to keep the paint looking its best even if he stays with (mostly) original paint for longer than planned.

The car was pretty dirty but once cleaned up, it appeared the previous oxidation removal was holding up but the paint did have some swirling in it (the repainted front fender and driver's door were by far the worst) and a bit of sand pitting in the hood but for 24 year old paint it was better than expected. Only got a couple before/after shots, they are on my digital camera so I'll add them when I get back to Dallas. This shot shows how much dead paint I was getting off. That was a brand new pad when I started...


Really happy with the depth and gloss we were able to achieve and the owner seemed very pleased too. He plans to maintain the finish with ONR now that he's seen how easy and fast it is to use. The hope is that upon the return trip some time this fall, it will need a lot less polishing.

Full process:

ONR wash, Opti-Raser pink (mild) to clay
Optimum Hyper Compound using an Optimum MF cutting pad and my Meguiars G110 v2 DA polisher
Optimum Hyper Polish using an Optimum MF cutting pad and G110 v2
Optimum G-P-S using an Optimum MF polishing pad and my G110 v2
Optimum Opti-Seal
Optimum Car Wax
Optimum Opti-Glass to treat and protect the windshield
Armor All to dress tires/wheel wells
3D Trim Protectant to dress engine vents











We did the interior as well but I completely forget to get pictures

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