opti coat 2.0 vs old/alternative/OTC automotive finishes

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Any compatibility issues?

I'm talking about old fashined acrylic enamel and acrylic lacquer.
I searched, but couldn't find anything.


The reason I'm asking, I purchased OC2, but I'm not sure if OC2 should be used on plastic trims, parts, and bumpers. Based on the fact that IPA dissolved paint from painted handles in the car that I'm slowly preparing for OC2, it doesn't look like urethane finish was used at the factory (Toyota) on plastics. Besides, I'm planning to respray them and a bumper before OC2. I haven't decided on acrylic enamel vs. acrylic lacquer or both.



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I did an OC treatment last year on the 20+ year old SS lacquer on the roof of my Camino. I wasn't happy with the job, but I believe it was due to my "working" the product too much and being stingy with product. There were no compatibility issues with the old lacquer, but the OC seemed to get absorbed by the paint much more so than modern urethanes, which left me with inadequate coverage IMO. I'm going to try it again very soon. My plan is to use a medium compound such as Meguiar's UC to remove any remaining OC, aggressively rub in some Meg's #7 to condition it a bit, polish with Opt finish polish as a final prep, then apply OC. This time I'm going to do it outside on a cloudy day so I can better watch it as it sets up.



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