Flex Pe14 FS/FT

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I've got a Flex Pe14 in great shape with the original box and manual. Also comes with 3,5,and 6 inch Optimum backing plates and a few new 6 inch pads. I've used it on a couple of cars and to spot buff some scratches and it really is a nice, smooth machine and a joy to use but most of my details are one steps so I'm selling it to fund a Rupes. So if anyone has a Rupes 21 they would like to trade for my Pe14 + cash on my end let me know. Price is $300 + shipping.

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Well I went ahead and pulled the trigger and got this in the other day :)




Can't wait to try it out. I've been needing to clean up my Father in laws car, so I think I'm gonna try out the GPS and MF pad combo on it.


I'll also consider partial trades of Optimum products on the Flex.


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