Problem removing bugs after road trip


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I am having a problem removing bugs that I got on a 3500 mile road trip. I had put opti coat 2.0 on my car about a month before I took off on this road trip. This car was about 6 months old with about 3,000 miles on it when I put the OC on. I clay bared the car, then polished it, did 2 alcohol rub downs and applied the OC. I was happy with the results when I was done. I did the same process with a 4 runner before I did this car and was happy with that one too.


When I got back from my road trip I washed my car and a lot of the bugs came off with the power sprayer and more came off when I was hand washing it. There were some that I had to remove with bug remover. The problem I have is that the bug splatters look like the actually etched the OC. I can't feel them when I run my fingernail across them but I definitely can see them. I am afraid that I will have to polish again to remove these and that will also remove the OC.


I was trying to paste some pictures of this but was unable to get them to paste here.


I would appreciate any input I can get with this, Thanks.








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Thanks for the information Chris. I was able to add a couple pictures of this to the member gallery, the links are below.

I am not up on all the acronyms, does ONR refer to the Optimum No rinse Wash?


Bug marks 1

Bug marks 2

Also, I have washed the car about 3 times since I returned from the trip and the bug marks seems to be getting lighter.
I tried the poli-seal and it definitely helped. I am sure if I go over it again it will clean this up.
Thanks again to everybody for the advice and help.
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