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Hey guys some of you may know me from other forums but I joined here as well. For those who don't know my name is Evan and I am an avid detailer. I am from the Pittsburgh area and looking go gain more knowledge and information on Optimum products and share all the knowledge that I know!


Happy detailing! :spoton[1]:

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Hi Evan! Welcome to the forums! I'm located in Pittsburgh myself and have a shop in the North Hills. There are a couple of people on here from around the area.


Thanks! Always nice to network and get to know other local guys!



Welcome to the forum. :)

Thanks Paul!

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Welcome from another 'Burgh detail fanatic, Evan!



Thanks Bill! Im sure you have seen me at MOL and AGO


Welcome and you've come to the right site for all things optimum!


Thank you sir!

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