OCWC and Foam Cannon

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i was curious as to how OCWC would fair in a foam cannon VS. CG Mr. Pink. i used 1 oz. of OCWC and the rest distilled water in a foam cannon... "DAMN" i was so excited i just couldn't stop to take pics, i just kept foaming. very thick foam, (mind you i only used 1oz. in a 32oz. bottle)the shampoo is slick as fish grease, and of course it smells heavenly. i like it better than the CG Mr. Pink, however the dwell time vs. the Mr. Pink lacked somewhat. i still wasn't disappointed :thumbsupup[1]: . i proceeded to wash her with OCWC in a bucket (utilizing the Gary Dean Method) rinsed her and dried, then massaged her with OCW :tongue4[1]: . this was my first time using the OCWC and that will be my go to shampoo from now on. Now when i poured 1oz. of OCWC in the bucket, i thought i had distilled water in the bucket (which i did) but i had some left over ONRWW in the bucket also. it was only there for 3 days in the garage and i have a car meet to attend tomorrow so i washed her. mixing the OCWC in the bucket with ONRWW won't harm anything... will it?

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