Ocean Jade Metallic Carerra

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Unbelievable color! If there was one color that hid imperfections almost perfectly this would be it. When I was called in to detail it I looked at it and said to myself....."Where are the scratches?"


I had to really get just the right light to see any marring and while it was there under artificial lighting it was almost impossible to detect in the sun because the paint just glares back at you. So after washing it and applying some fabric protectant to the top I polished it once with the Cyclo, white pads and Optimum Polish.


It then got one layer of OptiSeal, vaccumed, windows, tires dressed and BAM!....She's done. It was nice to start my first car at 1:30 PM and still make just a little over $200 by 6:00 PM :groupwave[1]: Then it was home to watch the Spurs SWEEP the Cav's...... sure it was ugly but a win is a win and that much sweeter when it's #4!!



Oh, this Porsche is 10 years old with only 6000 miles on it!! :spoton[1]:



































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Very nice Anthony!! I can imagine that color does hide swirls well just like some silvers do. Just curious what fabric protectant did you use?


I use 303's fabric protector. It's pricey but works well.


And thanks :groupwave[1]:



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