tried opti-coat 2.0 for the 1st time


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I bought my daughter a silverish camry and decided to apply this product to the car so I dont have to keep waxing Since the color is sliver it was hard to really see the product flash. I also did not see any spots where I might have applied it to thick. I just made sure or tried to make sure I really got each panel covered. The application went on pretty good, or at least I thought it did. It ended up raining later that evening (maybe 9-10 hours after I applied the product). I noticed the next morning that all the water that hit the car had beaded up (hood, roof, trunk) and no water was present on the sides of the car. I thats what I'm looking for. A client of mine bought a used exotic car that has the opti-guard applied to it and the water beading up on my daughters camry looked like the car with the opti-guard. Now fast forward a week later I decided to rinse the car with just water to to see how it looks. I noticed that in some areas the water beaded up and some areas it did not (more like sheating). Does that mean that I did not get the vehicle covered like I initially thought? What happens if I go back over the car again with the opti-coat 2.0?



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That's the thing that "bugs me" about coatings in general. You never really if they are there. If you were to miss an area waxing, or it gets removed from an area for some reason - its not a big deal, you will just get it on you next coat.


But, say for some reason (residue, over buffing, etc...) the OC didn't "take" on your trunk. How would you know? Most rinseless and waterless washes have polymers that will bead after washing. A lot of regular soaps seem to have things in them that make water bead and sheet as well. You don't really know if the coating is intact. All you have to go by is beading, and sometimes even a clean surface can bead.


I've seen people say with OC (and other coatings) that the beading has "fallen off". So, how do you know if the coating is even still present? I'm not blaming the coating as being bad, maybe the installer did something wrong. There seems to be no definitive way to tell.

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