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Synopsis: I think my Carpet Cleaner froze during shipment--it has a persistent layer of foam on the top--is it ok to use, will the performance be degraded, etc.?


Ok so I ordered an 8oz bottle of the new carpet cleaner from that big online retailer in FL, which I got earlier this week. 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottle leaked during shipment, and when I looked at it, the sprayer wasn't on straight, so I figured that's why it leaked--but when I unscrewed it a portion of the bottle was broken out at the neck, and there was a crack going down the bottle. Even though the bottle was no longer full it was full to the top with foam.


I contacted the seller and they agreed to replace it, and told me I could keep the first one. So that evening I decided I needed to find a bottle to put mine in since it was going to evaporate with the broken neck. And I noticed it still had a 1/4 inch of foam on the top, even though it had been sitting all day. I looked at the label which says "keep from freezing".


So that started me thinking...I live in the northeast, and even though it wasn't that cold last week, it's possible the product froze. I emailed the seller and suggested that might have happened, and the answer was they didn't know, but of course they can't control the weather.


Another little twist is that because of the way I ordered the Carpet Cleaner, it came by FedEx Ground, as opposed to another order from the same seller that came the same day by UPS and nothing seemed to have frozen. I know that my UPS depot houses the delivery trucks indoors, don't know what FedEx does, and of course who knows about the tractor-trailers in transit.


At any rate I expect my replacement bottle will also freeze since we are having a cold snap right now, so I need to know if the product is usable after it has been frozen. Sorry for the long-winded post.

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Looks normal to me, It does sepperate, mix well, and use with confidence. The performance may be slightly degraded, but that does not mean it's ready for the waste bin.

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