OC vs HC


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Is there a significant difference in their agressiveness ?


I am trying to recommend a product to a car dealer's detail guy who has most pre-owned cars that are full of swirls and scratches.

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I got my shipment of OHC and I noticed that there is some of the bottles with the "New Formulas" label with blue compund and the old formulas with the brown. I never knew that OHC and OC had a new formula like the OP.


I think OPT should color the compound/polishes according to their labels so that when in a dispenser bottle it is easily identifiable. Maybe Anthony you can talk to David about this:


White for OP

Brown for OC

Red for OHC

Blue for PS


The detailer at the dealer tried out the OC and OP in front of me on a badly swirled red car he was doing and liked it very much, no dusting and longer working time than the Car Brite stuff he was using and the results were excellent in removing those horrible swirls. with a wool pad on a rotary. He is proberly the first car dealer in Montreal using all OPT line of products !

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