Hello from Chicago!


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Newbie checking in.


Wanted to say hello to the fellow forum members. Currently using OCW as a LSP. Should be ordering the ONR sounds like a great product. Would like to acquire a pc or ult to try out the OP but currently with no garage and outdoor power that does not seem very realistic.


Spoke with someone on the phone earlier about using OCW on a wet vehicle and it was not recommended. However, they mentioned that using OCW immediately after a clay would give amazing results.


I do have a question though that I didn't ask. Is it possible to use the OP with something like the 'polishing pal' (by hand) to help with swirl correction?


Excited to see the responses, there is some great information in this forum. :)

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Welcome to the forum.


I would recommend the Poli-Seal for any hand work. The polish needs the friction and heat from a polisher to achieve best results. The poli-seal has some fine abrasives in it to help polish your paint and some hiding capability's. It will give your car a nice shine and with the spray wax it will be easy to maintain.

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