OCW how much is too much


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It has been a week since I last applied a coat of Poli-Seal and OCW. The look is great and I'm amazed with OCW.


I'm still not convinced that I'm applying the OCW correctly. Is it common to see streaks later/next day? How many sprays per panel are typical? Once sprayed and wiped, do I then buff?


Just trying to get my process down and want to make sure I'm using the product correctly.


Also what is the typical durability of this product in snow and salt environments?


Thinking of applying this over a paste wax however I'm not sure if I'll have bonding, smearing (I do anyway), durability issues.





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I would not apply the OCW over a wax but rather a wax over the OCW.


As for application, one spray should be enough to cover say a Porsche fender or half the hood. Now on paint that is not prepped you'll use more product than on paint that has been properly prepped. Also you'll want to work OCW into the paint until it's gone, all evaporated and then flip your towel to buff lightly, that's it.


You should be able to apply weekly and in your conditions you should get at least 6 weeks of durability BUT here again your mileage may vary to be greater or less.



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