poli-seal by hand


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Recelently,I applied poli-seal by hand.The result was great.

The right side had been applied with poli-seal.


I have a question .

Is the left side of the hood a kind of oxidation?







Yes I would call that oxidation, and you did a good job just by using arm strength. ;)

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If this isn't oxidation (assuming it is a CC paint), then what is it?


I also noticed a cloudy appearance of our 94 Honda Accord, that a hand polish with P21 GEPC brought back a beautiful high gloss finish (that I topped with NXT and then 2 coats of OS).


Another question on Polyseal - Is it a final polish product, before applying OS. I have heard that the oils in GEPC are not compatible with OS, so that is why I have been putting a coat of NXT on before the OS. Would love to go straight from the polish to the OS. Is the Polyseal about the same as the GEPC, in terms of its abrasive and ease for hand application?

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Clear coats oxidize BUT not in the sense where you'll see pigmented paint transferred to your cleaning pads or cloths as you would with single stage paint. Clear coats get dull and hazed from micro scratches and polishing levels down a lot of the scratches raised edges giving the paint a smoother and glossier appearance, even by hand.


PoliSeal is a true all in one product in that it cleans paint, polishes paint and then seals it and OptiSeal applies very nicely over PoliSeal and is a favorite combo among many detailers and enthusiasts. PoliSeal has about half the abrasive properties that the Optimum Polish has and works well by hand, orbital and rotary.


You'll use slightly more PoliSeal than Optimum Polish and the work time is not as long as the Polish and Hyper. PoliSeal when used with a machine will buff clear, meaning that it almost looks as if there is nothing on the paint or that you're not spreading any thing around but the PoliSeal is there and it continues to work even if it can't be seen.


Hope that helps,


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