OPC Mis Label?

whiplash willy

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I just recieved my 2nd gallon of OPC. It has a "Optimum Car Wash" label on it, which I belive is blue. It looks to be the same color as my last bottle of OPC, but I want to make sure that OPC is the only Optimuim product that is that color (Proving it is just a mis-label) before I open it. (As you can see I am getting dangerously low on my first gallon!)



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Yes, OPC is the only product that is orange..so it's just a mis label. Odd that no one caught it though. Where did you order from?

Chris, that is good to know! I ordered it directly from the Optimum website on Feb 27th. Paid through paypal (order id: 0A1022031L5836408)


I feel much better about breaking the seal now!

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