hello from cumbria uk


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hello everyone, ive just blown the budget on an Alfa Romeo 159, being an american forum you won't know what I'm talking about ,from what I here Alfa are about to relauch in your wonderful country you have got a treat in store. When I first heard about Optimum it was the No Rinse sold by Motorgeek in the UK. Like many I was sceptical, but having used it for nearly a year I am totally convinced it is the modern way to wash a car. I am about to purchase every other Optimum product I can get through Motorgeek because I am totally sold on your philosophy eg more is less instead of being hooked on marketing hoopla.


P.S nice to read a straight detailing forum for a change.

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Hello and greetings from across the great pond !!


It's great of you to join us and I also thank you for your support and kind words regarding our forum, our style and I also hope that the Optimum line performs well for you.


Please post up some pics of your car, would love to see them.



Take care and have a blessed New Year!



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