Hello for NJ...

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Just purchased my first set of optimum products in which i will be using in my side job detailing business.


I picked up the Poli-Seal, Polish, Compound, the spray wax, and their interior protector.


Can wait to arrive in the mail and begin using!


Also, looking forward to chatting and learning all that Optimum has to offer!

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Hello :)


Welcome aboard and thanks for your support. It's gotta be getting rather cold in your neck of the woods, eh? Optimum No Rinse would be a life saver for you!


Happy New Year!




Wish that i had a foam gum or a no rinse solution, but at this time i dont (i just suck it up and wash the car)...all the other work is done inside the heated garage!


Happy New Year to you as well!

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Welcome RR! It was great talking to you the other day. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Optimum forums. Be sure to check out the Tutorials section.

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By the way, glad to see you picked up some Opt. products already!



Thanks for the talk the other day Driven Auto Detail...you were a huge help and the main reason why i pulled the trigger on the optimum products! Hopefully one day next week i will get the chance to use some of the new products!


SteveZ...where is NJ are you located?

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