A few of my favorite jobs....


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Hello fellow Optimumians!


Doing some cleanup on my car pics....I came across some pics I just like....Different angles, shots or just favorite cars to work on. If anyone has some to add of their favorites please post....This is more of a community thang so please add your favorites!



If there is one picture in my collection that convey's why black is not a color but an absolute it is this one.



I love the way the floor seems to complement the colors of the Porsche.



I look forward to anyone adding their favorite shots here.......



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Some favorite hood shots.....



Looks like a creature......


The owner of this Toyota truck stated...." looks like I have HD TV!..."




First time I took this shot.....


This customer was so excited he took these pics the following day after his detail and sent them to me!



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Any junk in the trunk?



I know, I know, not really the trunk but the trunk is the hood....OH so confusing..... Back of car considered trunk area.....humor me, at least for this post......hehehehehe.


A red car was approaching as I snapped this pic. I thought I should take another....The reflection of the red on the back window,trunk and foil makes the pic so much more interesting than the second one I took without the red reflection. Unfortunately, I took the shot before I dressed the tires......



I still say this car should be placed vertical on some launch pad at Cape Canaveral!

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