2 part question about opti-coat 2.0


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The opti-coat 2.0 comes with 20 cc's of material. I used about 12-13 cc's on a small to mid size suv. Does that sound about right?


Also, is there a better applicator to use other than the supplied sponge? I noticed that I may have put a couple of surface scratches (what I call friction scratches) on the car while applying the product. It seems the sponge is not quite soft enough coupled with the fact that there is not a lot of material on the sponge so you can get scratches caused from the friction of the sponge not being lubricated enough. Good thing the vehicle is a white pearl and happens to be my car. So it will be harder to see the scratches.


I noticed while watching the opti-coat pro application video they were not using a sponge. Or it seemed that they may have had a blue microfiber towel wrapped around the sponge?


Thanks for any help. I am trying to learn more about the proper application techniques.

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